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Initial Treatment

Pursuit Pest Control Service starts with a technician, licensed and certified, doing an inspection of your residence and detailing specifics that will help solve your problems. Pest harborages and problem areas will become focal points during this initial treatment.  Shortly after the initial service your bug problems will begin to be flushed from hiding and evidence of our service will be evident.


Regular Interval Services


Protection plans set up will have a regular interval to maintain barriers and eliminate pest activity.  The first regular service is scheduled 30 days from the initial service and will help eliminate the egg cycles of the bugs.  All hatchlings will be eliminated before they are able to mature and lay any new eggs.   From this point on you may only need services on the exterior of the home, however interior is also under warranty.  If at any point you feel like you would like additional services, just let us know and we will return and retreat at no additional cost to you.  

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